Charism’s Closet

“To each of them he gave a set of new clothes…”

Genesis 45:22

Uplifting Mankind

     Charism’s Closet, a subset of Charism Enterprise, is a cultivation effort devoted to the cover, nourishment and the affirmation of dignity. We operate with an understanding that shelter, inclusive of fresh clothing, is not only a basic human need to survive, but essential to thrive.

     We commend the efforts of our counterparts, and their exceptional long standing charitable operations; but recognize that the needs of the world are mobile. Charism’s Closet is a mobile operation focused on meeting the needs of the impoverished where they are at.

     Through the solicitation, consolidation and conversion of tax deductible donations, we secure and make readily available new and gently used clothing items, and deliver them to those who lack transportation or experience limited mobility. The mission of Charism’s Closet facilitates exposure to needed resources, of which through any other means, the lives impacted would not have access.

     Our mission is the deliverance of fresh clothing, in a nurturing environment, to those who need it most. All non-profit efforts carried out by Charism’s Closet is committed to the perseverance, restoration and affirmation of dignity of Mankind through the understanding that your current position does not determine your full potential.

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