Hey Beautiful!

Life may knock you down, but it doesn’t have to knock you out.

From business strategy and development to personal triumphs; I’m in your corner, I got you covered, and I’m committed to the Fighter in You! 

Your next win is only a phone call away!

Christy’s Cultivation Corner

Pillars of Progression


Recognize Potential

Oh the possibilities that live on the other side of the door of Change! The difference in tomorrow, starts with opening that door Today!


Recognize Your Opponent

Recognize your opponent, build a foundational strategy and training to win! The fight of your life is the fight for your life. We all get hit; how you navigate and recover determines the magnitude of the Win.


Recognize Position

Recognizing position and allowing the view of success to override temporary stagnation is key! Tap into the Power of motivation; unlock stagnation and let’s enhance gravitation towards your manifestations!


Recognize You...

The basis of cultivation is to acknowledge and prepare something that is already in there; it’s in you! Let’s cultivate it to become better and stronger or prune it to control and redirect growth; expanding your Reach!


Recognize the Progression...

The only thing between Goals and Got It! is the next step! Scoring in life is all about having the right team and knowing how to play the game.

Words, Wisdom, and Winning!  Motivational Messages

In every situation, recognize potential over position. We don’t create wonder and gain wisdom; they already exist, we simply open our eyes to them.

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Charismata Movements

Charismata (pronounced kuhr-rIz-muh-tuh) Movements are extraordinarily powerful community enhancing projects that promote continued cultivation, the addressing of Spiritual and emotional needs, and the pursuit of freedoms and restoration.

About Christy

“Sharing my Umbrella on Rainy Days…”

It is a Life of opportunity that I live and share as I tirelessly serve as the philanthropic spirit behind the Charism Enterprise umbrella; a non-profit conglomerate dedicated to changing and impacting the world through cover, cultivation, and nourishment. Driven by Purpose, to pour the essence of my Gifts into the world, I am committed to being the difference. A profound deliverance of Life experiences has birthed the amplified Woman and resilient Spiritual force you see before you today!


“Christy however was chosen to be my “what to do next”… She is a true coach at heart and her knowledge is magnificent. My gratitude is beyond measured and her assistance is beyond Excellent.”

Rashana D.,

Festive Flavors, LLC., Virginia

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I literally wait for my phone to ding with Christy’s affirmations. These affirmations get my day started… Each one is so timely. Thank you for pouring so much into others.”

Kendra H.


“In working with Christy, I found her to be inspiring, supportive, relatable, understanding, a wealth of knowledge and motivational.”

Kim B.,


“As a true leader, Christy is always thinking 5 steps ahead. Before taking on a project or switching a process she’s already anticipated its reverberating effects and how to prepare and solve for any potential challenges.”

Yvette B.

Pennsylvania/Washington D.C.

  • “I love how you communicate with your words, as they always empower me to be bold…”



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