CEO For The People

Help Us build a better world together, through
a few acts of kindness; we can share an umbrella of Hope

“CEO for the People,” a subset of Charism Enterprise, is a community cultivation initiative encompassing: Charism Conversations, the conversion of cultivating conversations and ideas into Life changing concepts; Charism Cares, nourishing projects within the community with a focus on enhancement and vitality; and Divine Endowments, the pouring into our future through investments in the advancement of early childhood education and development. 

Our Commitment

Through CEO for the People, we are committed to identifying the needs, securing resources and delivering life enhancing results; serving as a foundational vessel from the People to the People. CEO for the People is where the collision of resources and the need, impacts and changes Lives. As no need is too big or gift too small; sponsorship opportunities are always available and greatly enhance our mission and territory. 

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