About Christy

Start before you think you are ready, because when you are ready someone else has already started!

Christy Payne-Jones is a proud mother of three, and an Armed Forces Veteran who has become devoted to helping the underprivileged within our society. Christy lives a Life of opportunity. She is the philanthropist behind the Charism Enterprise umbrella, a non-profit conglomerate dedicated to changing and impacting the world through cover, cultivation, and nourishment. Driven by her Purpose to pour the essence of her Gifts into the world, Christy is committed to being the Difference. A profound deliverance of Life experiences birthed the amplified Woman and resilient Spiritual force you see before you today.
As a member of Peace Corps, Christy has been tirelessly championing those in need, and has become quite adept at what it takes to serve them. While walking to work one day, Christy noticed the enormous necessity for effective healing of our nation’s homeless population, in our “nation’s capital” of all places. She answered the call resulting in the birth of Charism Enterprise and its subsidiaries; a venture grounded in life experiences, telling a vivid story in pursuit of addressing Spiritual and emotional needs, freedoms, and restoration.
At the age of three, she touched the brinks of death to be given another chance at Life. It was at that moment, she became destined to deliver, make a difference, and create a legacy. Her Words are written with Divine Authority, backed by His Grace, and because of that, she is Crazy enough to know that she can change a Life!

Motivational Messages

“A journey is not a journey unless it impacts the lives of others”

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