About Christy

Struggles are simply triumphs waiting to happen.

The Many Faces of Christy

My passion and goal is to illuminate other people’s journeys through connection and inspiration. I live to be a dispenser of life. As I touch the lives of those who are on their way to dream fulfillment, this exchange motivates and inspires me to continue to pour the essence of who I am into the world!

Life has been far from easy for me, a unique but strong cocktail of experiences that has birthed the amplified woman and resilient spiritual force you see before you today. I am a fighter in every sense of the word. I live to defy definitions and am bold in my belief that anything is possible!

Infatuated with words, as an avid influencer and creator of contagious content, I serve as a defender of wisdom, honor and well-being. Through my passionate and nourishing orchestration of words, I strive to awaken intrigue and thrust readers into fertile spaces for growth.

As a Cultivation Coach™, I believe that every inch of success resides within. Through the act of cultivation, we encourage growth and prune away undesirable traits to expose a success paradigm. Tapping into this space together, we uncover and define our potential through the facilitation, development and execution of wisdom, words and strategies that illuminate possibilities and create an atmosphere that’s ripe for success.

My philanthropic spirit tirelessly champions for the impoverished, addressing spiritual and emotional needs and creating freedom and restoration. As a thought leader and catalyst of impact and advancement, I am motivated and inspired by the excellence embodied in change. Committed to being the difference and living a life of opportunity for all, my purpose and professional product exemplifies power. It is a vivid reflection of when profession, purpose and personal buy-ins collide.

At age three, I touched the brink of death but was given another chance at life. At that moment I realized I was destined to deliver and make a difference. The many faces of Christy embody a unique existence and expression of life, selflessly transforming life’s experiences into a contagious proclamation, declaration and representation of spiritual elevation!

In love, light, potential and possibilities,

~Contagiously Christy



Christy’s Cultivation Corner

Pillars of Progression


Recognize Potential

Oh, the possibilities that live on the other side of the door of change! Making a difference tomorrow starts with opening that door today!


Recognize Your Opponent

Build a foundational strategy, and train to win! The fight of your life is the fight for your life. We all get hit; how you navigate and recover determines the magnitude of your win.


Recognize Position

The key to overriding temporary stagnation is changing your view of success. Tap into the power of motivation, unlock stagnation and enhance gravitation toward your manifestations!


Recognize You

The basis of cultivation is acknowledging and preparing something that already exists inside you. Let’s cultivate it to become better and stronger or prune it to control and redirect growth, expanding your reach.


Recognize the Progression

The only thing between goals and “Got It!” is the next step! Scoring in life is all about having the right team and knowing how to play the game.

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