Cups of Change

Help Us build a better world together, through
a few acts of kindness; we can share an umbrella of Hope

What’s up with the cup?

The Concept

Cups for Change, a subset of Charism Enterprise, is a threefold cultivation concepts that utilizes Cups as not only a vessel of nourishment, or a means for financial contributions, but also a vehicle to deliver words of encouragement, empowerment, cultivation and Hope.

The Cup

Each high quality Cup contains a unique message of empowerment for any situation, and carries the power to impact at a minimum six lives representative of every hand they touch from their production line to the distinct path of their purpose.

The Change

Not only do they invoke ideas, facilitate conversations and create moments of cultivation and reflection in everyday life, but they also deliver words of encouragement and Hope to those who need them most. Cups for Change provides an opportunity to support the physically, mentally and emotionally impoverished; recognizing potential over position. As a catalyst for “Change,” in so many more ways than one, Cups for Change carry the power to convert the acquisition of a routine supply expense into a tax-deductible culture enhancing partnership. Sponsorship opportunities are always available and greatly enhance our mission and territory.

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