Clash of The Champion…

Date: March 3, 2022

Artist behind the Image: Photo by Skitter Photo on StockSnap

Purpose and Passion for the win!

Purpose does not live in external perceptions or affirmations. It flows within the deep, intentional, personal dive into your internal pool of empowerment. The sacrifice of comfort and the elimination of boundaries foster the identification of purpose, defining and cultivating afull belief in why you are here. A fast-paced life often carries the potential to contravene purpose. To turn your life into the intended masterpiece, you must first slow down and commit to picking up your paintbrush and beginning to paint. Identifying purpose releases an undeniable fulfillment that yields the beautiful conversion from life defining you to you defining life.

Passion is often found in rewarding patterns that impact you and others. Tapping into your passion is where the State of the Union delivered by your heart takes executive control and overrides the voices and the rationality of the world. Things can get a little scary and uncomfortable based on the world’s expectations, but it is overwhelmingly rewarding in terms of individual satisfaction and the obtainment of your true definition of existence. Striving to meet the external definition of adulthood often means sacrificing your passion, which silences your childlike sense of limitless possibilities. I challenge you to revisit that childhood question of “When I grow up, I want to be . . .”, acknowledging your passion and returning to such a boundless time. If it excites and scares you, I promise you, you’re on the right track!

A champion mindset is based on the recognition of power. Combine that with purpose and passion, and the obtainment of excellence becomes a guarantee. Champions are birthed in a space where sacrifice, fear and challenging comfort zones clash with acknowledgement and the cultivation of an intense belief in self, allowing greatness to reign. Conditioning your life to societal standards will leave rocks unturned, often serving as the foundation to towers of regret. Identify your purpose and passion, cultivate an intense belief in yourself, accept your date with destiny and transform your life from reactionary to a constant trajectory of potential.

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