Copy writing: ‘The Best Words, The Best in the Business…’

Date: November 8, 2021

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I don’t care if we are talking about business or relationships; words and their proper use are the keys to success, and open so many doors of opportunity. In a time such as this, where attention spans havefallen from 12 seconds to eight seconds just since the year 2000 according to George Washing University; from social media to web presence, our narrative hook just may be all we got. A good picture is great, but the ability to seize the world with words seals deals; remember great deals are executed over contracts, not photographs. In this piece, I boldly put my words where my mouth is and give you a behind the scenes look at content creation. Such a demonstration not only highlights strategy and justifies rates, but also illustrates why outsourcing such an art brings such piece of mind that you really can’t put a price tag on, so let’s take a look! 

A Tug of War; The Ebbs and Flows of Narrative Balance

Whether a sentence or a soliloquy, an author’s persuasive orchestra of words, writings and expressive language requires balance. This chemical mix will either be off, causing the loss of a crowd; or be spot on, causing a crowd to absolutely lose it, chasing more. Elementary and primary schooling definitely provides an understanding of grammatical structure, but the Gift of good writing is a passionate and elevated art of forging words that pull and tug on each other in an effort to internally ignite feelings, instigate movement, romance senses and draw a response to a call to action. It is this contagious and magnetic flow that carries the power to interrupt the infamous social media thumb scroll and draw an audience into a cultivative space; honing the mind’s ability to concentrate through attentive reading and tickling that sweet spot of captivation. If done right; before you know it, that eight seconds has turned into approximately a minute and 15 seconds, which is exactly where you are within this blog! 😉

Content Writing Demo

Whether new to the market, or a product/service re-launch; clear, concise and contagious content is critical! The Nielsen Norman Group found that 20% of the overall times when users failed to successfully complete a purchase…could be attributed to incomplete or unclear product information. 

So, what does that look like? 

Content Request: General Product Description (Marketing Copy)

“I have a new line of organic teas. I am looking to launch in a month, and I need a catchy general product description.”

Content Proposal: 

Nativi’tea Organic Loose-Leaf Teas

Tea drinking is an experience; and since 2013, we have been working to bring that one-of-a-kind experience to You! Our exquisite and unique line of organic loose-leaf teas derived from the mineral rich, immune boosting soils of Morocco offer benefits unmatched. From its soothing mental and physical benefits to an aberrant sipping experience delivered directly to your door; you are only a sip away from a better day!  

  • Each economically friendly package is delivered with an identified source of origin, and sachet or infuser ready for your enjoyment.
  • Variety specific storage, steeping and pairing recommendations provided, enhancing each experience.
  • All products covered by our Quality Guarantee!

Research, strategically placed keywords, and word counts pour into yet another balancing act; in this space we shift to executing a balance between writing for engines (keywords) and writing for people (emotions); engines will get you found, emotions will seal the deal. 

Rates, Reasons and the Return

I am shamelessly infatuated with words and the romance of wordplay. From research to editing to a final release; I devote, at a minimum, three days to master offerings within my catalogue of content and writing services. Rates are set to remain market competitive, but for someone who lives and breathes words, the cost never substantiates the time. It is the true love of what I do, and the continuous impact of my words, where my real paycheck lies. 

You say…It’s my product, I know it best, why outsource for content creation? Like any other profession, there is so much power in the collision of an external perspective and a specialized talent. The human voice is the farthest thing from a computerized algorithm, and it is the distinguishing breath of life within that allows an audience to then breathe in and consume those words from beginning to end as they join the desired energy. This is what gets emails, newsletters, articles, blogs, press releases and the like, read to the bottom by human eyes birthing intrigued minds. 

A well written narrative hook will encourage and persuade minds; just ask Joe Sugarman, a legendary copywriter who notes the purpose of the first sentence is to get the reader to read the second sentence.

A narrative hook comprised of the execution of a vivid vocabulary, and a unique twist in words can affect amplitude and altitude. Words will forever carry immense and immeasurable energy and power, and if used effectively; such energy and power can easily transform shortened attention spans to brand evangelists and ambassadors. Not all creative energy aligns, but when it does, I promise you, magic happens…Let’s Connect!


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