I give Me permission to…

Date: April 23, 2021

Artist behind the Image:

I give Me permission to…Be weak and ask for help, knowing that what rests within the sacrifice of my ego is the worth of another.

I give Me permission to…Feel my feelings, because in them lies sensational awareness.

I give Me permission to…Acknowledge pain and the tears of healing as an evolutionary step as I am birthed into the Power of My Purpose.

I give Me permission to…Live in transparency eliminating the dimer called perception, emboldening the light in my Life.

I give Me permission to…Be happy in the midst of loss; understanding that each feeling holds a purpose that cultivates the other; allowing them to exist in the same space pays homage to Hope and acknowledges my Faith.

I give Me permission to…Sacrifice external problems for internal Peace.

I give Me permission to… Open my eyes to another day, accepting the scars of yesterday’s struggles; knowing that scars are reminders of healing.

I give Me permission to…Accept a new norm when the thought of change stirs up the storms of anxiety within; closing a door never erase the experiences of a room, but allows you to enter into the beautiful, unchartered potential and meaning of another.

I give Me permission to…Be Spiritually intentional in a world that intentionally tests my Spirit.

I give Me permission to…Stop looking for approval, from sources that don’t have the authority to judge me.

I give Me permission to…Confuse the World with my amplified existence understanding that there is only one clear Answer.

I give Me permission to…Be street savvy, as I speak with the profoundest of Paul; walk with the poise of Esther; and simultaneously flip the tables of injustices AND strive to Live and Love beyond comprehension…like Jesus…I get it honestly because HE did them both.

I give Me permission to…Lose control to Divine control.

I give Me permission to…Become Stronger, to become Greater, to become Profound gracefully accepting the accompanying accolades because my bill has already been paid. Unapologetically I own my royal existence; my birth right…that’s right…because HE paid the price; God never skips a tab, and always pays for what He orders.

Finally, I give Me permission to…open these gates as I am determined to instigate an internal debate challenging you to yield to the subject and allow the remaining capitalized statements to penetrate, resonate and generate a conversation within your soul, giving you control to internally plagiarize the words of this Scribe and rise above the ties the world calls… permission.


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