Date: August 16, 2021

I have never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions as subconsciously one day holds us hostage from greatness that can be experienced throughout the year. As the last quarter of the year is on the horizon…how do you join the elite 8% that so many talk about (, LinkedIn, University of Scranton), that actually set goals and see them through to fruition? Whether planning to emerge from the pandemic financially stronger or newly taking on the title of entrepreneur and business owner; goal planning and engineering is the key to opening the doors of success! 

So what is a Goal and Goal Planning?

A simple question on the surface, but a deeper dive provides directional clarity. A goal is defined as the end toward which effort is directed. Essentially, you must have a destination before you know what road takes you there otherwise, you will constantly get off on the wrong exit. Strategically, this illustrates the importance of identifying the goal first, which then directs efforts. Identifying the goal (“I want”) and building a commitment to its foundational efforts (“I will”), will yield goal obtainment; let’s take a quick look at what that looks like:  

(Goal) I want to be healthier 
I will workout more (effort)
I will monitor my diet (effort)
I will drink more water (effort)

(Goal) I want to be financially stable
I will create a budget (effort)
I will monitor excessive spending (effort)
I will save more (effort)

Success will rely heavily on the commitment to supporting efforts, but it is important to note that what works for one does not necessarily work for another. Goal planning must be personalized and take within consideration unique personal experiences. 

Visualize the Goal

When training for a fight, I was once told to set aside time to visualize winning a round, what a confidence builder (we will touch on confidence later)! Visualization expands your arms outside of your current reach to embrace the goal’s completion. Visualization petitions the creative process by adding visuals to the goal journey; awakening the occipital lobe. Tapping into this space provides greater meaning to goal obtainment and solidifies a commitment to what you just can’t physically see yet. Cultivating the ability to step away from reality to grasp possibilities brings goals to life, even if only in your mind.

Recognize Goal Opposition

When preparing for a win, success lives in studying your opponent or understanding your opposition. When taking on new clients, this is one of the first spaces we visit; it is here you uncover obstacles in a proactive way. Things such as:

  • Fear of failure, or even worse a fear of success (insert raised hand here): Fear of failure and success is real and will feed and nourish procrastination abundantly; acknowledging fear and doing it anyway leaves only one unknown…SUCCESS!
  •  Lack of motivation/dissolving commitment: Success requires a strong cocktail of work, self motivation and inspiration (shaken not stirred), and goal obtainment is no different. Proactively and realistically acknowledging necessary steps within goal planning will equip you with a clear understanding of the momentum and commitment needed. 
  • Inactivity: Goal written down…you’ve signed up for the race; milestones identified…you’ve developed a training schedule; the starting pistol has been fired…you, your bib, those awesome running shoes and your potential all still remain at starting line; a win can never happen if you don’t take off and give it all you’ve got!.
  • Paralyzation due to over analyzation (insert raised hand…again): Doubt is at the root of seeking perfection. Perfection as a destination whether in timing or preparation will surely paralyze potential. Everything is never going to be perfect, it was never meant to be; and you won’t find it because there is absolutely no such thing. Many will tell you, I am an Adidas ® girl to my core, but this is a moment when Nike ® says it best, Just Do It!
  • Self-sabotage: Compromised self-confidence will always question worthiness (I use “compromised” because I fully believe poor self-confidence is temporary and recoverable); am I worthy of the end result and can I maintain? Each day on the journey of goal obtainment is a win and builds confidence, allowing you to answer with a resounding YES! 

Make Room for Goal Success

Equip yourself with the best opportunity to succeed and that includes your environment. Like a flourishing plant, the environment in which you nourish your goals is important, so start by: 

  • Making time for success, disconnect from the present to focus on the goal and where you are trying to go. 🤔 Thought: adjust your social media view to reflect where you are going and follow people who are already there.
  • Surrounding yourself with trusted accountability partners and allies who feed your motivation and momentum and see and support your success. The journey of goal setting and accomplishment was never meant to be traveled alone.
  • Surrounding yourself with the wisdom of those who have already been where you are trying to go; it is there that inspiration, motivation and cultivation lives! Intimidating at times…trust me, I know…but high performers and productive people …achieve more and do it quicker with the help of a mentor, coach, or adviser.

Time waits for absolutely no one, and right now is your time! Get ahead of the crowd and trade-in the last minute stress that comes with January 1st for relishing in your gained success, Let’s Connect!


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