Say Your Grace…

Date: November 8, 2022

Artist behind the Image: Photo by Volkan Olmez on StockSnap

As a young child growing up, “Say your grace” was a staple in our household; one that you could expect to hear, at a minimum, three times a day. A warranted command to pause and show homage and gratitude to the provision of substance. One so deeply ingrained and important that it has transcended generations; but oh, how powerful Grace is…when we allow it to span past such moments to engulf us in its true magnitude.

When we Define It, we often limit Grace to an immeasurable and unwarranted level of compassion, assistance and understanding granted by a Higher Power; but allowing ourselves to dig a little deeper illuminates that that Power is too within. It is The Higher Power that leads us to exercise internal Grace, not only in dealing with others, but also in dealing with self. It is this definition of Grace that allows us to tap into the fullest extent of its intent, its potential and the magnitude within because of this beautiful four-letter word. 

Acknowledge it, Feel It, and unapologetically become comfortable in it. Never to be overshadowed or misconstrued with “lazy,” (…ouch…), but Grace is an intentional space of awakening where you realize just how hard you push yourself and how gently self-celebration is exercised. Acknowledgement starts with stepping away from the business of the world (even if to just enjoy this creative piece), and committing to boundlessly sitting in the absence of timelines and expectations to just breathe. Unapologetically breathing in acceptance…breathing in self-validation…and breathing in opportunity; not as defined by self, but as designed by God.

The truth is, it is so much easier to exercise and grant something we know; things that are familiar.  With a focus on the aforementioned, reflect and reconnect to moments where Grace was either bestowed or requested. Pause and sit in those familiar and sweet, yet vulnerable spaces allowing compassion and understanding to lead as you Grant It; grant it to self and grant it to others. It is today, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, that I challenge you to give yourself Grace…to pause…to rest in it…and to grant yourself the freedom to feel what you feel, and to exercise the unimaginable boundless understanding of truly accepting it all…I know I did… Let’s Connect!


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