Spring Forward with me…

Date: June 21, 2022

Artist behind the Image:

As we find ourselves in the growing season…Spring once again; gardening and nature never fails to show up and show out as it teaches the best lessons in life. Last year I cultivated my first garden ever, and it was great; so much so, that I am at it again! But whether gardening, relationships, professional advancement, or raising children; on the highway of success, we always seek opportunities for betterment, re-invention and heightened relational reward. Even though merely on the cusp of June; there are many lessons that have been learned. 

Seeking the Truth can be an uncomfortable place as failures, frustrations and deficiencies may reside there; but we will never be able to see, identify and overcome what we have closed our eyes to. Truth is the foundational space and framework upon which success is built; and in this sphere of reality, it can often be the starting line that we find ourselves returning to. To find the beauty in starting over begins with understanding that it’s ok and discovering the newness and opportunity that comes with it. The world will make attempts to define it, and past experiences may attempt to hide it, but choosing and cultivating your truth is an investment that pays immense dividends to all. 

A step that is easily overlooked but is paramount in the progression paradigm; when we pause and Regroup, we stand on the aforementioned truth; recognizing and accepting circumstances in an effort to reconvene, redefine and form anew. There is so much Power that exists in this space as we entertain walking away from assimilation and indoctrination to obtain the manifestation of what God has defined as your ultimate individualized destination.

Roots are essential in anchorage and a grounded existence. Evaluating a root system requires us to take a look into depth potential, environmental nourishment and growth potential. When necessitated, we often entertain uprooting as a means to disconnect; but Re-rooting encompasses uprooting, but through a progressional lens. In re-rooting, you not only displace anchorage fueled by the desire to move, but you take it a step further as you pause, evaluate circumstances, and identify and commit to a new destination. 

Growth in any shape, form, or fashion is truly amazing; it is enjoyed and cultivated in togetherness and shared spaces, and there is absolutely no reason to travel this remarkable highway alone.  Let’s Connect!


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