Our Mission & Vision

A conglomerative umbrella committed to impacting the World through the holistic covering, nurturing and cultivation of its people.


A World where one’s reality becomes another’s resource, boundaries become beginnings, limitations become surpassed destinations, and impossibilities become reality; through continued cultivation, addressing Spiritual and emotional needs, and the pursuit of freedoms and restoration.

CUPS for change

Cups for Change, a subset of Charism Enterprise, is a threefold cultivation concept that utilizes Cups as not only a vessel of nourishment, or a means for financial contributions, but also a vehicle to deliver words of encouragement, empowerment, cultivation, and Hope. Each high-quality Cup contains a unique message of empowerment for any situation…


Charism’s Closet, a subset of Charism Enterprise, is a cultivation effort devoted to the cover, nourishment and the affirmation of dignity.

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