The Beauty Within a Blank Canvas

Date: October 11, 2021

Artist behind the Image: Photo by Jason Blackeye on StockSnap

The year 2020 will forever be remembered as the year that served me a tough hand. Like many, I faced the challenges of being thrust into the uncharted experiences of the pandemic; but nothing prepared me for losing the Love of my Life. As an outlet and source of solitude and connection, I reached for defining moments in nature, while allowing my green thumb to flourish. Nothing elaborate or anywhere near solving world hunger, but a connection to the beauty in internal and external growth and cultivation. My garden produced well and my flower bed was simply amazing. I never wait for tradition, so the sweetness of Halloween came early…since April to be exact; no tricks, just treats for the eyes of the passerby’s.

In this, gardening compounded the fact that as the seasons change, it is so important to know what season we are in. You can’t successfully grow a watermelon in the frigidness of the winter; and pumpkin spice does not taste as good on July 4th…even for me. Understanding where you are defines how you get to where you want to be. As we leave summer behind and embrace the coziness of fall, let us not miss the message that trees illustrate so well…how beautiful yet necessary it is that we understand seasons, and Shed the Old in Preparation for the New

How refreshing it is to know that with each season, we gain the Newness of a Fresh Start. A newness that opens up space for the imagination to capture an unobstructed view of potential; a canvas of potential not governed by the brush strokes of old, but perspective sketches of the new. Recognizing this fresh start grants full ownership of the paintbrush of Life’s artwork, and the releasing of old visions for new views. 

Nature is one of Life’s Greatest Teachers of Success, and it leaves so many clues all along the way…no pun intended. Some things just are not easy in the moment, and as I symbolically turned over the beds for the fall, I admittedly struggled with uprooting such beauty…but it is there I created and discovered the possibilities that live within that beautiful blank canvas.

Life is truly a garden of so much opportunity; some we can see, and some not yet visible, as they are just below the surface of that blank canvas. Stay the course and I promise you, the cultivation, beauty and growth experienced within your harvest will be nothing short of amazing. Let’s Connect


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