The POWER of “It’s ok.”

Date: April 29, 2021

Artist behind the Image:

It’s ok, to cry yourself to sleep…God will embrace each tear and provide some of the best rest and Peace there; 

It’s ok, to be in darkness, but you can’t stay there…darkness is necessary to define light; 

It’s ok, to talk to a therapist, God purposely does not provide us with all the answers, and He does not discriminate, especially when selecting His messengers; 

It’s ok, to be vulnerable, risks always come with reward; 

It’s ok, to take off the superhero cape and fall completely apart, we almost never give thought to the fact that puzzles start as one but true beauty is in the process of putting it back together and the cracks that illustrate the journey; 

It’s ok, to be dependent…even if upon your children…oh how strong they become when they realize they are no longer asking the questions but have become the answer; 

It’s ok, to entertain temporary isolation in pursuit of eternal manifestations; 

It’s ok, to be alone because the truest reflection of yourself is when you are the only one in the mirror; 

It’s ok, to make a misstep in the ballroom of Life; 

It’s ok, to disconnect from comfort and entertain the intimidation that comes with being around those who are where you WANT to be…they are the only ones with the answers to how to get there; 

It’s ok, to be unapologetically phenomenal, understanding that the deposit for my destiny has already been paid for. The true strength of a ship is not known until tested by the storm. 

I Live to Love…I Speak to be Heard…I Share…to touch someone, encourage someone, empower someone…to open your eyes to the beauty encapsulated in yet another day. 

You are Loved


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