The True Power of a Selfie…

Date: January 4, 2022

Artist behind the Image:

Selfie… a simple word birthed into existence not so long ago, 2002 to be exact; that often requires a bit of effort before it’s deemed upload ready; and the time and effort needed to address the uploads of life through reflection, direction, and projection prove to be no different.


Reflection is a process fueled by examination, processing and most importantly acceptance. Acceptance allows us to bring to the forefront an enhanced view of what is to be seen; a key factor in the reflection equation that is often one of the most challenging. Acceptance is the introspective bridge that delivers us to the reward of self-awareness on the other side. You must have introspect to fully respect all of your prospects.

Seeking internal clarity and awareness sparked by a desire for prominence allows you to extract value from mistakes, as well as capture definitive and strategic veracity from victories. With the mind entertaining thousands of thoughts per day, reflection allows you to disconnect from the fast pace of the world to intentionally re-visit what works and be reminded of what doesn’t.  


Let’s talk direction…identifying direction requires a progressive view and depends as much on historical achievements (where I am coming from) as it does in the newness of “how do I…” (where I’m going). Taking an account of all these things will pour into the many chapters of the highly sought-after Owner’s Manual of success. Like a GPS, direction built on a solid plan; fueled by focus, dedication and drive will get you to your destination every time.


I have always believed if you can see it, you can be it, which relies heavily on unobstructed visualization. This level of visualization is never based on ignorance or wishful thinking, but reliance on an unbound existence. When we realize that boundaries are self-imposed guideposts based on worldly perceptions; we begin to entertain playing in a league of our own where individualized potential always wins.

The cultivative work in reflection, direction and projection makes way for truly understanding oneself and what motivates, moves and inspires you while robing any distraction of its power. Smile for the Camera! 😉 Let’s Connect!


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