Two Truths and a Lie…

Date: September 7, 2021

Artist behind the Image: Photo by Bernard Spragg on StockSnap

From road tripping to impromptu silence breakers, my kids and I love to play Two Truths and a Lie. I don’t know if their interest is sparked by learning something new…or actually catching Mom in a lie; but in each session someone is guaranteed to walk away with an “Aha!” or “Wow!” moment at the expense of learning something new, so let’s play!

Scarcity is reality…this is a Lie. The belief in short supply and limited options is often based on a fixed and predetermined mindset. In tasty yet visual terms, let’s start off with a 9-inch buttery pound cake (one of my specialties by the way 😉); with each shared slice the availability to share and consume becomes limited, potentially thrusting one into a scarcity mindset without thought to the ability to make more. Through self-preservation, life often conditions us to live a life of scarcity; blinding us to the options, availability and opulence that life truly holds. Scarcity is a surmountable mindset and only becomes reality if allowed; contrarily, a mindset based on generosity, profusion and unlimited supply will unravel the scarcity stronghold. When releasing strongholds, it is important to maintain boundaries as they are necessary to promote balance, but they should never fertilize scarcity. Balance combined with focus, determination and open mindedness opens up an amazing Space of Fruition.

Abundance is real…this is a Truth. Abundance based on a growth mindset delivers freedom. Submersion into an environment supportive of abundance through; the gracious identification of what you have, enveloping yourself with people who share an abundance mindset, pursuing positive energy, and training your mind to see through obstacles to possibilities will unlock the gates of overflow. To keep it short and pound cake sweet; You Receive What You Believe; and this truth will definitely set you free! 

The final…Truth. Scarcity and abundance have both more than likely occupied space within our minds at one time or another. The brain does not work well with simultaneously processing contradictions…something ultimately will get thrown out. When you choose abundance, scarcity will fail to exist as a gain does not impose a loss in that space. Each success is unique to its successor, yielding the opportunity for All to Win; but remember, you don’t just sit in abundance, it is an active mindset that remains aware of scarcity, but chooses to be governed by opportunities, not limitations. 

From resumes to relationships, an appreciation and focus on what you do have will overshadow what you don’t. Appreciate and enjoy life as it is, and in anticipation of the plentitude on the horizon! The game we just played is definitely through my eyes, and let me tell you; the amplified view through the shades of abundance is great and guaranteed to make you a winner! Let’s Connect


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