What’s your Personal Brand?

Date: July 1, 2021

Artist behind the Image:

Nope, not your clothing or shoes of choice, the car you drive, or if you are team Apple® or team Droid. Before you pitch that elevator speech, “Unmute” within ZOOM®, place your nameplate on that boardroom table, or pin the name tag on your blouse or jacket lapel; what impressions and perceptions define You? I am a fighter by nature, a strategist to my core; since my first breath, I’ve had no choice. It is an innate part of me, and I know it. Whether in business, strategizing and fighting to meet strategic plan initiatives and goals, to overcoming the personal struggles of life that have attempted to take my breath away; in each situation it is the Fight that defines and guides me. 

Though business intrusive, personal branding is not business exclusive; it imparts itself in all aspects of life. With understanding and defining your brand comes clarity and direction, and above all else, the answer to “Why is it I do what I do?” In developing your personal brand, taking a focused deep dive into your individual life experiences and skills will expose the building blocks of your brand. There you will also find your unique niche, and discover that no one else can deliver your brand like you. Your personal brand will amplify who you are, and will continue to speak in your absence. 

Understanding your brand will equip you with an authentic filter that focuses on exactly who you are. Identification and the promotion of your personal mark will impact and enhance relational decisions and interactions, highlight promotional potential and career and purpose alignment; and even help answer the question of just how satisfied you are with that new car purchase.

Your brand is not work, job or project specific; whether leaving the gym or the boardroom, what impact do you want to leave with others? Your personal brand will authentically speak in the absence of words, and carry the power to transform your name tag into something unforgettable. Your personal brand; define it, fall in Love with it, and Live it to the fullest! 

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