Where is my Stimulus…

Date: April 29, 2021

Artist behind the Image:

The answer I’m talking about can not be found at www.irs.gov, but by tapping into your Internal Resources and Strategies…the IRS! What are those things that actively influence your functionality, efficiency, effectiveness and overall way of life.

The key to Internal is understanding that it’s already there! Whether we have to take a deep dive or a shallow swim, let’s get to it!  

Trust me when I tell you Resources are always present. Identifying these sources and pulling on them, will have you engaged in an internal game of archery ultimately propelling you towards your target!

Whether you start with the borders, group by like color, or opening the box, not knowing where to start; Strategies are needed to transform your pieces into the picture you desire! 

Ready to find your stimulus; I promise contacting the IRS has never been easier! Let’s Connect! 


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