Why Me…Feeding Your Value Proposition Through Research, Reflection and Connection

Date: February 15, 2022

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From business and leadership consultants to life and personal coaches and so many other options and titles in-between; as a matter of fact, as of 2018 over 480,000 consulting firms exist per the U.S. Census, and only 7.6% of those firms look like me, so why chose me? Plain and simple, A fighter to my core; I don’t coach anything I haven’t conquered! Life experiences teach what books can’t capture and from countless rounds in a ring, natural childbirth and motherhood, to starting a unique grassroot 501(c)(3), balancing personal satisfaction with professional excellence and navigating the entrepreneurial highway with all of its unimaginable mile markers; I’m in your corner, and I can get you there! A formula comprised of a solid proposition based on an identified need, illuminating value, grounded on a promise to deliver; your value proposition is that clear distinction that places you above the rest and highlights you as the absolute BEST! So, how do you get front-and-center?

Definition Through Research and Analysis

Market research and analysis is not only a key foundational business component; but is essential in continuously defining your customer, your competition, and re-imaging yourself or your product. Market research looks at date driven customer-specific intelligence, experience and data points through a qualitative lens identifying; client thought conversion factors, drivers, emotions and opinions. Market analysis takes a prescient quantitative look at a particular market with data points such as: market size, product price, growth potential, competition, and trends; with a focus on existence within the current business climate. If done right, research and analysis will highlight points of differentiation, aiding in identifying your niche and competitive advantage; ultimately pouring into your distinctive value proposition.  There are a vast number of reliable, free and low cost research tools and resources available to assist in combining the two, and the Small Business Administration (SBA) is a great place to start.

Comprehensive Reflection 

Clear, concise and solid information to make an informed and confident purchase decision is the basis for consumer connection. To provide such, time must be devoted to reflecting comprehensively and comparatively on what you offer to identify strengths and competitive position. Exclusively highlight areas where you exceed the competition, and answer such questions as:

What is your position? 

  • low price
  • distinguishable deliverables or better product
  • enhanced client experience 
  • lasting consumer partnership/relationship 
  • post purchase organic buy-in into results and potential 

What is it that you provide? 

  • what question(s) do you answer
  • what general/unique problem(s) do you solve 
  • what time/money do you save
  • what need(s) do you meet

These are all trigger topics that spark intrigue. A true and balanced reflection equation considers not only exceedances, but also confines, to develop a realistic scope and range of operation.  The SCORE Association’s Product and Services Description Worksheet is a great thought-provoking tool; and combined with the aforesaid will enhance this process. 

Value Proposition Equation, Making that Connection; the Summation of it All

A concise value proposition illustrated through outcomes and points of differentiation will invite engagement. Research and reflection will pour into a customized captive connection, and what customer does not want a product or service that exclusively speaks to them? According to a Forbes report, 83% of consumers admit paying as much attention to how brands treat them as on the product they sell and 73% say they are willing to pay more for a product if they love the brand. Such a report illustrates a consumer cycle of loyalty and potential that any business should desire to be in the center of; and your value proposition will get you there! Good customer engagement and relationships never end with the receipt; but are enhanced by continuously cultivating and meeting touchpoints with value. You may be the owner of your brand but transforming a customer into a brand ambassador is the most infectious, virtuous and communicable promotion of your brand. The market is thick, but the precision of a sharp value proposition will cut through the competition allowing you to serve up a strong slice of value frosted with distinction; ensuring that a hungry customer is served well every time. Being all things to all people is impossible; but knowing and committing to meeting people where they are feeds trust, loyalty, your value and immense possibilities. Value propositions built on research, reflection and connection carry the power to impact your direction! Let’s Connect!


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