Your Movements Will Write a Story That a Pen Could Never Capture

Date: April 29, 2021

Artist behind the Image:

Movement is driven by a desire for change, whether it be in place or position or posture. From the smallest of molecules that comprise the greatest of existence; motion is constant and movement writes stories that impact Life. In a search, you will find that movement ideals, elements, concepts and beliefs vary, but my Life experiences have yielded the following four to be pillars of my progression.

Self-improvement (Foundational)

Let’s begin with movement related to Self-improvement as it is foundational for all others. Let’s journey into taking an internal inventory, identifying composition and competencies and moving and utilizing them, good and bad, like pawns in a game of chess. Based on position, some pieces you keep to conquer, some you sacrifice for the sake of a better move; understanding that the only game won is the game played against recognized opponents and allies. Identifying and capitalizing on Life’s game pieces such as emotional triggers, ancestral patterns and behaviors allows us to utilize them as tools for progressional cultivation; trajectory is transformed in this space.

Spiritual (Empowerment)

Whether soul soothing prayers to the Father, bold asks of the Universe, or fiercely plugging into your internal Power within; no matter the source, Spiritual movement gets my vote as the most powerful and empowering. The ability to redeem without question, that of which has been promised to you by scripture, birthright or bequest creates an internal awakening of strength built to move mountains. The beauty in this formula is that the collision of the Spirit and the belief creates a space of undeniable fruition, and it is there that euphoric growth and personal meaning is often obtained.

Social (Your World)

Movement can not be fully addressed without engaging a focus on the impact of Social influences. Take a dive into what is around you, does it prompt you to move, or encourage you to remain still; life will accommodate both, but either exercised at the wrong time will yield missed opportunities. Whether internal or external, this proves to be the grounds for the most challenging of conversations potentially leading to adjustments; but adjustments are a requirement for advancement. Change in social structure is sparked by movements targeted at cultivating life’s social composition; the reward…the transformation of what was initially thought to be an internal refinement to an enhancement of social existence.

Societal (The World

Societal movements, though last on this list, bring up the rear like the proliferative power of the ripples that create the waves that change the world. Whether its basis is reform or radical change; this movement carries the unique ability to exist in solidarity, serving as a by-product of the aforementioned or firmly standing in solitude as the pinnacle of them all. History exists because Life has been altered and defined by the impact of the unified and revolutionary movements of so many before us; but the race for change can not be won by one. It is through the continuous transfer of evolutionary resilience that the relay baton of societal progression will cross the finish line. 

Through all the notions of motion we classify as movements, whether reformative with established guideposts to the goal, or radical through internal transformation sparking societal growth; the impact is the same, CHANGE and it starts with the powerful tool called You. I challenge you to identify personal opportunities for movement, no matter how big or small. I challenge you to turn desire into delivery and promise into production. I challenge you to find that which is within, to pour into and impact a world that has gone too long without. I challenge you to put the pen down and MOVE!

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