You’ve Got Five Minutes…

Date: August 2, 2021

Artist behind the Image: Photo by donterase on StockSnap

No…actually, you only have about 20 to 30 seconds; the time it takes an elevator to transcend approximately 2 floors. Your “elevator pitch,” whether a personal connection or business proposition, is often your one swing at delivering a succinct and persuasive pitch in an effort to secure a deal or position; with a goal of hitting it out the park each and every time! I have made the mistake of attempting to give a TED Talk on floor 7, but in a world short on time, three to four solid intentional sentences guided by the below, will secure seats in your audience!

Owning your pitch, and preparation of anticipated engagement are foundational in exuding the ultimate in Confidence! From eye contact, solid voice tones and firm hand shakes to a memorable business card; confidence built on the fact that no one can deliver what you offer like you will convey an element of contagiousness carrying the power of swift influence. 

Thorough knowledge of yourself, your product and your target audience will equip you with the ability to stimulate and tickle interest, Making it Personal.  Remember, being real is relatable and awakening an emotional connection by illustrating the impact and how it is needed, especially personally, guarantees attention.

Now that the eyebrow is raised and you have the attention, now what? Transfer your ability to relate into your ability to generate, and be a resource. It’s time to smoothly, yet swiftly transition into the Outcome! In a world of vigorous gym workouts, the Stockmarket and mutual funds focused on gains, what is the answer or benefit that you or your business seek to offer? Highlight and project that benefit into a vision; mentally engraving through verbalization the existence of what you have to offer past the moment.

The balance of just enough, but not too much cultivates intrigue, and if developed and executed succinctly, not only will the elevator doors open, but your pitch will open up the opportunity to take the conversation into overtime! When passion and belief collide with a need, a connection is inevitable! 

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